Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 28- Dec 2

Students will work on:

  • Class group projects: create a promotional video displaying and promoting the traits of Freshmen Seminar
  • Final Performance Exam:  UNL presentations demonstrating skills learned in course and "expressions"
Students will work on:

  • Course skills chants and expressions
  • Students will be introduced to PBL/Leadership Challenge:  The class will be split into 4 groups.  Each group will have a 1)student-teacher/leader, 2)an assistant/recorder, and 3)members/peers.  Each group over the next three weeks will be assessed as mini classes.  The classroom teacher will be looking for student-teachers with their class to develop mini lessons displaying model student high school traits, skills learned throuought course, organization including attendance and on task behavior, initiative/proactive traits, relevant content that reflects Freshmen Seminar, etc.  The project begins Monday, December 5 and ends Monday December 19th.

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