Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 5-19

  • Students will be introduced to PBL/Leadership Challenge:  The class will be split into 4 groups.  Each group will have a 1)student-teacher/leader, 2)an assistant/recorder, and 3)members/peers.  Each group over the next three weeks will be assessed as mini classes.  The classroom teacher will provide a class framework and lesson topics.  The teacher will be looking for student-teachers with their class to develop mini lessons displaying model student high school traits, skills learned throughout course, organization including attendance and on task behavior, initiative/proactive traits, relevant content that reflects Freshmen Seminar, etc.  The project begins Monday, December 5 and ends Monday December 19th.

(Can be used as a “course extension” type assignment.  Those who are currently , who complete and passes the PBL, overall grade will become 70%.  Those who are passing can earn up to 10 points on their overall grade.  Students will be monitored daily and receive a weekly average.  The three individual weekly averages will be average together to determine final PBL grade.  So, if a student who is already passing average 75% on the PBL, they will receive 7.5 points on their overall grade.)

  • Students will also continue to work on Final Performance Exam:  UNL presentations demonstrating skills learned in course and "expressions" within the PBL discussed above

    • Semester Blog Assignment

    As a part of your Final for this class, you are responsible for creating a blog that summarizes everything we’ve covered this semester. You can use Blogger, WordPress, or any other approved blog sites. Your blog must contain the following sections/information:
    1.      Character/High School Readiness Traits
    2.      Social Media Etiquette
    3.      Propaganda/Persuasive Techniques
    4.      The Academies/Career-Discuss the academy and career you selected (Creative Studies or Global Services).
    5.      Usher’s New Look-Discuss something you learned or can take away from Mr. Brandon’s (Tuesday) lessons.

    Each Section must contain an artifact and one paragraph written response:
    The artifact must be creative enough to represent each section. (You should do more than just copy the definitions)
    ·        PowerPoint
    ·        Picture (Photo)/Drawing (Quality work that is displayed in the class)
    ·        Video

    One paragraph written response:
    ·        Description of the artifact
    ·        Explanation of why you chose that artifact
    ·        How you can apply it to your life next semester/school year

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